Joining the Herd i & ii is here and avalaible

We’re extremely proud to announce that the first single from our next album “The next Generation of the Herd” is now available on all your little downloady and streamy services!

This is track number one on the album and as opening tracks go, we feel it’s a bit of a belter and shows a real development in style from our previous record “The SuperNow” without losing to much of our grungey, metallic-tasting electro-rock.

The track itself mixes a few styles, has a couple of distinctly different “movements” and talks about trying to find your way through life despite what it throws at you and in the words of Linford Christie, tries to build a positive mental attitude! Prétentieux nous?

We hope you take a listen and enjoy, let us know what you think!

Unless you hate it.

Then we’re not bothered what you think.

How dare you.

Single update

Single is coming along nicely. Just currently working on a video for it. Release likely to be summer 2017.

Album 3 December update

Album 3 is still on the horizon! We're currently working on and looking to release a single early in 2017 which will most likely be the opening track from our forthcoming album.


Album number 3 update.

It’s been quite a while since the last update but we’ve not hung up our guitars just yet. We’ve been busily beavering away recording a new album which is about 50% done but lots of work ahead of us. 

The title of the album is “The next generation of the herd” and anyone who can identify what this is a quote from will get a free copy of the album once it’s done.

In the meantime however, have a video that we recorded last year of the final track on the album “Unbreakable”

Feature by GlasMusic

Glasgow based Blog GlasMusic gave us a very nice review of The SuperNow.

We are "giving 21st century listeners a taste of that real ’90s sound with their latest release ‘The Super Now" according to the review!

You can read it here.

Album review.

The folks over at Impropaganda were kind enough to give us a very nice review of our new album.

We'll get a big head if this sort of thing continues!